Cleaning - New! UCS200

General Information:
  • Basket oscillation
  • On board water purification
  • 200 ophthalmic lenses min per hour
  • Ideal for pre-AR coating preparation
  • Ideal for pre spin hard-coat cleaning
  • Very compact design
  • Automatic liquid level control
  • Canopy/enclosure
  • Digital temperature displays
  • Water quality meter
  • Infra-red dryer
This version of the Optimal UCS-200 has been designed to prepare ophthalmic lenses for
inspection after surfacing/polishing. The process guarantees a high degree of cleaning and
can be used on other inter-stage cleaning operations. 

This very compact multi-stage cleaning system stands on castors. It can be wheeled in to place, locked-off and be installed, commissioned and in production within one day
The design is innovative and the process it delivers is comprehensive. The compact
construction of the machine means that it can be positioned in small production areas,
enabling it to be installed in manufacturing cells where previously a centralised cleaning
facility would have been used. This can improve quality and efficiency.
Technical Specification:
  • Electrical Supply: 400V, 3-phase N&E (25A per phase) – 50/60Hz
  • Water Supply: 22mm pipe with ½” BSP connector & hose barb
  • Drain Water: 22mm pipe with ¾” BSP and hose bard options
  • Drain Chemical: 22mm pipe with ¾” BSP and hose bard options
  • Air: 8mm tube
  • Extraction: 1 x 150mm (6”) duct-fan + speed control included
  • Cleaning tank size: 130mm x 435mm x 185mm deep
  • Cleaning tank volume: 13 litres including weir and filtration systems
  • Overall Dimensions: 1220mm x 2320mm (incl. conveyors) x 2110mm high