Medical Implant Processing

Medical Devices Implant Cleaning Machines - Passivation and NDT (FPI)

When designing these machines, we put ourselves in your position and include all of the features that will enable you to assure the confidence of any FDA auditor.  In doing so, we are able to produce robust and reliable machines that will ensure the safety of all concerned, right down to the all important patient!
These machines are built to the highest quality standards and include all that is required for Factory and Site acceptance.  The comprehensive process and standardisation helps us to provide Functional, Design and Software Specification documentation as efficient as possible.  We can also help with IQ, OQ and PQ.

Medical devices implant machines include:

FPC - Automatic Fluorescing Penetrant Inspections Machines
IPC - In-process/Inter-Process cleaning machines
FCP - Final Clean and Passivation (nitric or citric acid) Machines
Further options can include:
  • Automatic chemical dosing
  • Automatic drain and fill cycle
  • Variable ultrasonic power
  • Variable speed basket oscillation
  • Full process monitoring with data acquisition:
    • Conductivity
    • Filtration flow rate
    • Ultrasonic power
    • Temperature profiles
    • Time in stage
    • Presence of oscillation
  • Bar code tracking
  • Routing document security
  • Clean room load/lock
  • HEPA air filtration