Coating - CHC200

General Information:
  • 200 lenses/ hour (100 pairs)
  • Lenses 40-82mm diameter
  • Two handing systems: dedicated to cleaning and separate coating sections.
Lens surface preparation:
  • Seven wet process stages
  • Four ultrasonic stages with auto-tuning, sweep-frequency variable power generators.
  • All tanks with have ‘Even-Flow’ filtration to 1 micron.
  • ‘Even-Flow’ combines directional jetting with saw-tooth weir and base collection trough.
  • De-ionised water with monitoring in microSiemens or MegOhms
  • De-ionised water flow at a 15 litres per minute into each tank.
  • Primary rinsing with economy flow valves to conserve water.
  • Capillary drying lift-out on final stage.
  • All tanks have automatic liquid level control.
  • Lens drying with efficient ‘’Torrid’ fan assisted oven
  • Multiple primer and coating tanks for index matching.
  • Floor standing anti-vibration coating tank modules.
  • Servo-drive variable speed lacquer dipping for uniform drip-free application
  • Close fitting sliding lids for minimal evaporation
  • Automatic solvent mix top-up on lacquer stages.
  • Primer cure and coating pre-cure in efficient ‘’Torrid’ fan assisted oven.
  • Colour touch screen with user-friendly intuitive interface.
  • Configuration menus enable tailored processing preferences.
  • Safety features include solvent sensor, ventilation and auto-extinguisher system
  • Coating and cleaning zones separated with pass-through conveyor.
  • Loading and unloading with conveyor or cassette drawer options.
  • Air and coating filtration can be configured on or off during dipping
Technical Specification:
  • Electrical Supply:          400V, 3-phase N&E  (63A per phase) – 50/60Hz
  • Water Supply:                22mm pipe with ½” BSP connector & hose barb
  • Drain Water:                  22mm pipe with ¾” BSP and hose bard options
  • Drain Chemical:            22mm pipe with ¾” BSP and hose bard options
  • Air:                                 8mm tube
  • Extraction:                     2 x 150mm (6”) duct-fan + speed control included
  • Cleaning tank size:       130mm x 435mm x 185mm deep
  • Cleaning tank volume: 13 litres including weir and filtration systems
  • Coating tank size:         130mm x 435mm x 155mm deep
  • Coating tank volume:   10.5 litres including weir and filtration systems
  • Overall Dimensions:     1425mm x 5500mm (incl. conveyors) x 2100mm