Trevor Conway - Chairman

I started the business when I saw that there was a market need for a compact ultrasonic cleaning system which would be able to clean mineral and organic lenses to the highest possible standards. I had gained a lot of experience in cleaning precision optics prior to vacuum deposition, but these machines were all bulky and costly.

I decided to start my own company to develop a suitable system. We did so and the company has continued to grow. We introduced a range of anti-scratch coating systems in 1999 and the name Optimal is now synonymous with the process. We also design and manufacture a range of process systems for the medical implant manufacturing industry, from inter-process cleaning systems to multi-stage final clean and passivation systems.

"I saw that there was a market need for a compact ultrasonic cleaning system" 

Dean Thompson - Managing Director

Dean has over 21 years experience in ophthalmic lab operations and business management, previously running the U.K manufacturing operation for a major blue chip industry leader as well as one of the lab operations for the U.K retail leaders.

As a previous key user of cleaning and coating equipment, Dean's experience and knowledge is used in working closely with Trevor on the direction of the business and functionality of future Optimal processes and systems.




Edo Rudge - Administration Manager


John Mortimer - Production Manager


Juliette Cretton - Administration Assistant


Steve Tavener - Production Engineer


Steve Bridges - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer


Gary Fox - Production Engineer


Carlos Pinto - Project Manager


Elvis Judinas - Senior Electrical & Controls Engineer


Andy Woolfe - Technical Services


Sam Henson - Mechanical Design Engineer